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Friday, 24 May 2013

Dukun , Mona Fandey , seram , filem

nak citer sket sal citer y kene banned nieh ,, citer da best giler tahap gaban tapi kene banned adoyai = ="

sblom tue layan dlu trailer dy y "ter"release nieh hehe : seram doe

citer dy tentang seorang wanita y mengamalkan ilmu itam ,, pergh mang best giler la doe kalo dapat tngok cite nie full,, aq tngok y 8 minit jerk aq ase cam da meremang bulu roma ,, first time aq tepikir der gak filem y highquality cam nie dri produksi malaysia ,, mule2 kene banned pastue nak tayang pastue x leyh plak,, erm,, da lame aq tunggu citer nie biler lak nak release an,, teringin ngat kot,, btw hope korg enjoyla tngok trailer nie,, btw i'm still waiting for this film to come out ,, enjoy :)

Sinopsis Filem DUKUN
Dukun is a fictionalised tale based loosely on the high-profile case of Mona Fandey’s bizarre murder of a politician in 1993. It tells the story of Diana Dahlan who is sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing a businessman, Datuk Jefri. Dukun is a narrative account from the perspective of Diana’s lawyer Karim, whose daughter Nadia eventually becomes a victim of Diana’s unworldly affairs.
Dain Iskandar Said

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